Unitas is a Community Mental Health Organization

that aims to prevent and treat a wide range

of emotional, behavioral and social problems of youth

through family, school and peer interventions

and by creating networks of mutual aid

between older and younger neighborhood youth.





Neighborhood as a natural social network


Unitas' interventions in neighborhood, peer, school and family systems function according to the principles of a therapeutic community.

The traditional concept of the therapeutic community refers to organizing a social setting in such a way as to cultivate the helping relationships people already have in their existing natural networks.

Unitas' goal is to enlist the influence of many people in a child's natural network to bear on behavioral change when needed.

Peer group as a natural social network  

Family as a natural social network   





    School as a natural social network 

The following programs represent these
naturally existing influences that are organized and cultivated for therapeutic purposes.

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The Caretaker System

* The Caretaker Network
* Symbolic Families
* The Family Circle
* Summer Programs

Traditional Treatment Services

* Individual, Group and Family Therapies


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